Why I Want To Be Confirmed Essay


Confirmation is a significant event in the lives of many young people. It is a time when they publicly affirm their faith and dedication to the Catholic Church. As a Catholic, I have been looking forward to my confirmation for a long time. In this “Why I Want To Be Confirmed Essay”, I will share my reasons for wanting to be confirmed.

Why I Want To Be Confirmed Essay

Before I dive into my reasons for wanting to be confirmed, I must understand what confirmation is. One of the Catholic Church’s seven sacraments is confirmation. It is a ceremony where a baptized Catholic affirms their faith and dedication to the Church, and they receive the Holy Spirit.

Reasons for Wanting to be Confirmed

Deepening my Faith

One of the primary reasons why I want to be confirmed is to deepen my faith. As a Catholic, I have faith in God and the teachings of the Church. However, I recognize that there is always room for growth and improvement. I can strengthen my faith and build a deeper relationship with God by being confirmed.

Through confirmation, I have been taking steps to learn more about my faith and strengthen my relationship with God. I have been doing this by attending regular Mass and participating in different faith-based activities in my church community. I have also been reading more about the Catholic faith, including the Bible and other religious texts.

Joining the Catholic Community

Another reason why I want to be confirmed is to join the Catholic community fully. While I attend Mass and participate in Catholic activities, being confirmed will allow me to become an active member of the Church. I can participate in ministries and serve the community, an essential aspect of Catholicism.

Through the confirmation process, I have been meeting with my peers and other church community members to discuss our faith and how we can live it out. This has been an excellent opportunity to connect with others who share my beliefs and deepen my understanding of Catholicism.

Living my Faith

Being confirmed means publicly declaring my faith and commitment to the Catholic Church. It is a significant step in my spiritual journey and a testament to my beliefs. Additionally, it will act as an indication to live my faith daily and to be a witness to others.

One of the ways I have been preparing for confirmation is by reflecting on how I can live my faith in my daily life. This includes treating others with kindness and compassion, standing up for my beliefs, and being a role model for my peers. I have also been exploring ways to serve others through volunteering opportunities and community service initiatives.

Receiving the Holy Spirit

During the confirmation ceremony, I will receive the Holy Spirit. It is a powerful and life-changing moment that I do not want to miss. The Holy Spirit is a guide and helper; receiving it will enable me to navigate life with wisdom and grace.

I have been preparing myself to receive the Holy Spirit through prayer and reflection. I have been seeking guidance from God and asking for the strength and wisdom to live out my faith. I know that receiving the Holy Spirit will be a transformative experience that will help me grow in my faith and deepen my relationship with God.


This Why I Want To Be Confirmed Essay concludes that there are several reasons why I want to be confirmed. It is an opportunity to deepen my faith, join the Catholic community, live my faith, and receive the Holy Spirit. It is a significant step in my spiritual journey and a moment I have been looking forward to for a long time. I am excited to take this step and continue to grow in my faith. I believe that I will be better equipped to live out my faith and positively influence the world through confirmation.


why do you want to be confirmed?

Confirmation is a significant milestone in the faith journey. It strengthens the bond with God and the church community, allowing a public commitment to personal beliefs. Through confirmation, one receives the blessings of the Holy Spirit, fostering spiritual growth and a deeper connection to the divine.

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